“I've never seen any life transformation that didn't begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit." - Elizabeth Gilbert

You know what the most self-loving, shackle-breaking, life-upgrading thing you can do is?...


This is for the women who are no longer willing to:

Martyr themselves in the name of motherhood.
Tolerate surface-level conversations
or mediocre sex
or a flakey-ass belief in their worthiness.
Downward-spiral in silence.
Perpetually rush through their days.
Allow fear to rob them of joy & presence.
Starve their soul.

Who are craving INTIMACY.

With themselves and with life.

Who are ready to stop hiding, stop turning their eyes and hearts away and actually fucking look.

Actually pay attention. To their pain and to their truth.

So if you are ready to COMMIT to becoming what it takes to RE-CLAIM responsibility, RE-STRUCTURE your life, RE-FRAME your BS stories, RE-DISCOVER your radiance...

And be TURNED THE FUCK ON by everything about YOURSELF and your life...

Then walk this way. You're right on time and I'm so glad you've landed here.

I’m Stevie and I help women break up with their bullshit. My BS detector is my greatest gift and I’ve had years of experience using it to dial into my soul, call out my ego, stop achieving and start aligning, to UNSHACKLE and UNLEASH the best, most bad-ass, unapologetic version of myself possible!


No hiding, no filters, no masks.


I have a proven track record of breaking up with my bullshit time and time again. I’ve done it in the context of my career (I quit TV to concrete with my dad), my relationship with my body, with food, with money and most recently by becoming a mother.


It’s not been easy, that’s for sure, but damn it’s been worth it. Throughout my own journey of soul-discovery, I’ve come to realise that so many of us women share the same stories of suffering, holding ourselves hostage to the same disempowering beliefs, stories and excuses.


I’ve also come to realise that my pain is my power and that the hardest of times serve a purpose as the greatest lessons, the greatest teachings that I can offer to the world.


I also now know to be true, that without the right support and environment, without surrounding myself with people who are willing to give me those pivotal reality checks, that feedback, the #truthbombs, I would probably still be stuck hanging out in victimhood, because as Preston Smiles says, you cannot intervene in a world you cannot see.

With this, and you in mind, I have curated Break Up With Your Bullshit intentionally to address the following universal pain points of the modern-day woman:









In order for this program to be the most potent catalyst and facilitator for your transformation, I have created an online safehouse and specifically enlisted the help of guest coaches who are powerhouses in their fields. Their expertise will be invaluable and the intimate access you will have to them, with the ability to ask any question and seek advice, that if applied, will create long-lasting change and fuel your fire to be, do and live better.  


This program will gift you tried and tested tools, intellectual resources and intuitive insights, that will keep you inspired to stay in aligned action long after our 12 weeks together have come to an end.


Break Up With Your Bullshit is not just another program. It’s not airy-fairy, there is no spoon-feeding and we have a no-tolerance policy for victim mentality. We go hard and we go deep.


We do this so you can leave behind daily habits, models of behaviour and limiting beliefs that have debilitated you for years. Till now.


This program includes everything from re-defining success on your terms, scarcity vs. abundance, body shame, sexuality, masculine and feminine energy, healing your relationship with food, intuitive living, how intergenerational trauma affects your relationships, boundaries, martyrdom in the name of motherhood, #mumguilt and SO MUCH MORE!  


Break Up With Your Bullshit is for you if:


You yearn for new language, a new internal dialogue, to create new stories that will instruct your new life. “I’m too busy”, “I can’t afford it”, “I’m unlucky” are identities you’re ready to break up with! #byebullshit

You are determined to show up and do the work. No more excuses!

You crave a newfound level of inner peace where your mood doesn’t shift based on the actions of someone else. You seek the tools to defuse instead of destruct, respond instead of react and empathise instead of explode.

You want to understand how to differentiate between the sound of your intuition guiding you and your wounds misleading you.

You are committed to putting yourself at the top of your to-do list because you know martyring yourself in the name of motherhood serves no one. An empty cup is not a badge of honour.

You’re ready to fire your internal perfectionist so you can stop achieving and start aligning.

You are desperate to feel spacious in your schedule, life and body. 

You are done being crippled by the fear of what people think of you and don't want to be a "people pleaser" anymore. 

You want to stop SURVIVING and start THRIVING. Your old mate “normal” of being overtired, overstressed, overcommitted, overstretched is replaced with an effortless, slow, aligned new kick-ass “normal”.

You are ready to prioritise and invest in your self-growth to re-claim your soul's SOVEREIGNTY and AUTHENTICITY as a modern-day warrior woman!



  • 6 x group video coaching calls per topic (via Zoom)
  • 6 x guest video coaching calls per topic (via Zoom)
  • 6 x BONUS Guest Coach FB LIVES
  • 4 x support sisters
  • 6 worksheets including challenges and resources
  • Unlimited support and access to the Break Up With Your Bullshit Facebook group throughout the full 12 weeks.
  • Ongoing Whatsapp accountability support from your assigned support sister throughout the full 12 weeks.

“You can’t be committed to your bullshit and to your growth. It’s one or the other.” - Scott Stabile