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Some quick tips to help you find your way through our site!

Go to the Main Menu > "Account" Upon clicking, a window will open asking for you to 'Login' or 'Register'. If you haven't got an account yet, please 'Register' and follow the instructions via email. If you have registered, please 'Login' with your email/username and password.
If you haven't checked out yet, please go to the Main Menu > "Cart". Once you are on the Cart page, click on the small 'x' to remove items from your Cart. If you have already checked out, and you would like to cancel your order, please email info@stevieandtay.com.au and we will cancel your order for you.
Stevie and Tay utilise "PayPal Standard" to enable secure payments through the site. PayPal is one of the largest e-commerce facilitators in the market, so you can be sure that your payments and information are secure within the site. View our Privacy Policy for more information.
To track your order, go to the Main Menu > "Account". Once you have reached the Account Page, Click on "Orders". Once on the Orders page, you will be able to view and track any current and past orders you've made.
If you are having trouble checking out from our website, or have any questions about checking out, please email us at info@stevieandtay.com.au
Your personal information is very important to us. With the implementation of SSL Certificates, Encryption and secure connections, we make sure to keep your personal information secure. Your banking details are only relayed through PayPal, and as such, are protected by their platform and security, as well as our website's security measures.
If you have received a faulty item, or the wrong item, please email us at info@stevieandtay.com.au so we can quickly resolve your issue.
We recommend that you use AUD, however, we do accept other currencies through PayPal.