"Our parents..." - Stevie And Tay

These are our parents.

Every second week they volunteer to help feed those in need in our local area. They are always ready to help others, because they too know what it’s like to need help, to feel hungry, to struggle to make ends meet.

Our parents came from nothing, mum grew up in housing commission raised by a single mother. Her abusive father walked out on them when she was a child. My dad was born in a third world country, he came to Australia by himself speaking very little English and nothing to his name.

Together, they decided to make a life for themselves, working 3 jobs at a time, making sacrifice after sacrifice to give us a home and put food on the table (even if it was only 2 minute noodles).

You know, I (Stevie) foolishly used to be ashamed of where I lived, the suburb I grew up in. Today, I couldn’t be prouder. Yes, we live in Campbelltown, no we aren’t millionaires, but my parents to me, are the most successful people I know. They have literally done everything they said they would do all those years ago. They have bought and sold investments, own a successful small business, mum doesn’t have to work anymore, they eat well, take holidays (and even bought that flashy car my dad has always wanted to cruise around C’town in).

With the odds stacked against him, dad backed himself and built a small business (even though many dismissed him and didn’t believe he had the knowledge to know how). My mum stood by his side and hustled to pay the bills for years while he was starting out. They worked relentlessly together, to build their dream. They now live life on their terms. Who am I to even think for a second that it is not possible, when my parents remind me every day that YES IT IS.

Posted by Stevie and Tay on 10th July, 2017