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#LETSEAT SYDNEY… with a side of REAL TALK!

Time: 11AM – 3PM

Venue: PECA restaurant 7 Gregory Hills Dr, Gledswood Hills


***All dietary requirements MUST be noted in the “NOTES” section at CHECKOUT when completing your order.***

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Sydney, we’re BACK!!! #LETSEAT

This time we are doing things a bit differently, because we know that a good gathering of people over food is made GREAT with a serving of REAL TALK!!!

The kind of conversations around tables that leave your soul feeling LIT because there was no small-talk, no filters and no BULLSHIT!

We are bringing to you an epic panel of 3 POWERHOUSE women who WALK THEIR TALK and continue to shine their light, creating a ripple effect of POSITIVE CHANGE. They are UNAPOLOGETICALLY and AUTHENTICALLY themselves. Yep, our kind of women!

Hollie Azzopardi.

Dixie Crawford.

Rosie McKay.

3 women from 3 diverse walks of life and perspectives who are allergic to surface-level conversations as well as living life, doing business and mamahood the way others think they should (can we get a HELL YEAH!?).

3 women who celebrate their ‘TOO MUCHNESS’, who keep it so refreshingly REAL and will be giving us insights into the humbling, hardest and highest moments of their year. We will hear first-hand, their most profound and very private lessons they learned as well as so much more that they just don’t share online – because too many words/thoughts/feelings/breakdowns/breakthroughs/downloads and too little caption.

We are giving you an intimate opportunity to rub shoulders and pick the brains of the kind of women who are the EMBODIMENT of what it REALLY takes to live, express, create and manifest the LIFE you SAY you WANT!

If that’s not exciting enough, we want to remind you that it’s the time of year where you get to give yourself a HUG and HIGH-FIVE for navigating, overcoming and OWNING the year that was 2019!


There’ll be dancing and goodies and giveaways and an EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT & OFFER from us (2020, what’s gooooood!?).

So whether you are from Sydney or not, MAKE A WAY OUT OF NO WAY to get in the room with us, because YOU DESERVE IT and we want to SEE YOU and SQUEEZE you and tell you how bad-ass you are!!!

Here is a sneak peek of the food + drink package to tease your tastebuds:

Feast of sharing style platters…

  • Toolunka Creek olives
  • Wood fired rosemary focaccia, extra virgin olive oil
  • Flour dusted Spencer Gulf cuttle-squid, salt & pepper white bait
  • Woodfired chicken roulade w/ ricotta, fresh sage, mushrooms, pancetta
  • Grilled barramundi, sautéed radicchio, pomodorini insalata, lemon butter
  • Mushroom fungi risotto
  • Locally grown lettuces & leaves, white balsamic
  • Twice cooked local potatoes, confit garlic, sea salt

Beverages – Mimosa, sparkling and wine on arrival. Sparkling water, kombucha, white and red wine for duration of event.

***All dietary requirements MUST be noted in the “NOTES” section at CHECKOUT when completing your order.***