“QUEEN.” - Stevie And Tay

Throughout our entire life, Tay has always loved and celebrated her body. I cannot remember one single time she has ever complained about a body part she didn’t like or was ever insecure about the way she looked.

[I know what you’re thinking, as if. Right?]

Me on the other hand, well I can recall like a million.

Growing up, this was something I was always jealous of and never understood. I’d call her a “luvo” or a “love job”, believing that because she was proud of the way she looked, she was “up herself” and attention-seeking.

[How many times do you see a photo on Insta and subconsciously think the same thing?]

Despite the things I would say and my eye-rolling, she would continue to strut her stuff anyway.

She has always loved herself.

She has always celebrated her body.

Now realising this for myself, instead of getting jealous, I am truly appreciative of this about Tay.

[We need to stop shaming ourselves and each other because it’s so damaging and it’s not ok].

So when she said to me “Stevie, take a photo of me I want to get naked in nature!” I though to myself “Hell yeah! Let’s celebrate your amazing f*cking body that is creating a f*cking human!!!”

[Through celebration we will find liberation ladies!]

Tay has never cared what anyone thinks, she walks through life unapologetic and unashamed.


This post is in honour of a true queen.

This post is in appreciation of our miraculous bodies.

This post is in celebration of you and me.

Posted by Stevie on 2nd April, 2018