When we reclaim our birth story, we reclaim our power...

It is with a wide open, grateful heart that I share my birth journey with the world and showcase just how beautiful birthing at home can be – because #homebirth works.

It is time we reclaim birth back and remember that “birth is as safe as life gets”. We can birth confidently without fear, we can birth without sliding down the slippery slope to a cascade of intervention, we can birth safely outside of the system, we can trust our bodies innate intelligence, we can trust birth and what women have been perfectly designed to do since the beginning of our existence.

It is a fact that in Australia, we have a much higher success rate for VBACs at home than we do in hospitals. The level of attention and care provided by privately practising midwives is under threat and we are on the verge of having our birthing choices taken away from us. If we do not stand up for ourselves, for birthing mothers and for private midwives, home birth in Australia will soon become illegal. Seriously.

There is a nationwide #MothersForMidwives march taking place this Saturday. If you would like to be part of the change that is so desperately needed when it comes to our birthing rights.

I want to break the stigma and encourage more women to look into home birthing without a cloud of fear or pre-conceived ideas. I want to be a loud voice for all women who want to take back control of their births, who long for an empowering birth experience, who want to make truly informed choices and decisions when it comes to how you plan to bring your baby into this world…because it matters. A woman’s transformation into motherhood matters. How she is being treated throughout the entire process matters.

At 4.01am on the 28th of April, my birthing dreams came true. I DID IT. I had an all natural, VBAC, water birth at home.

Our beautiful boy Hendrix Winterstein landed safely earth-side and has dropped the biggest love bomb on all our hearts.

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Posted by Tay on 1st May, 2018