We are passionate about empowering and mobilising audiences through our impactful presentations and soul-stirring talks.

We do this by speaking words that flow right from our hearts as opposed to memorised scripts from our heads. We know it is a true privilege to engage an audience, hold space for transformational shifts and be given the opportunity to plant seeds through our work.  

We believe there is nothing more uplifting than genuine, face to face, heart to heart connections with people. This why above all else, we truly value being in a room full of people and speaking our truth and knowledge from a place of love.

We are huge advocates for grassroots initiatives and understand the power of what the ripple effect can create throughout communities.

For these reasons, we are regularly booked as speakers for small businesses, fitness centres, events and schools. Topics we’ve previously covered include self-love, self-care and self-education, purpose and passion, low-tox living, gut health, kids health, healthy eating habits and mindset.

We tailor our presentation topics and packages to each unique request and audience whether that be for your business, school, private function or event.

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