“The hustle no longer feels heavy.” - Stevie And Tay

My biz partner has officially left the building! Yesterday we held our last event together for the next couple of months and tonight I can’t help but reflect on how far we’ve come in just over one year.

How much we’ve evolved together and individually by taking a leap of faith into this crazy, challenging, exciting world of small business and multi-level marketing.

What I’m most proud of is not how much we’ve achieved, but how I’ve finally landed in a place where I actually feel good, while achieving.

When we first started out it was all fun and exciting, fresh and new. I was living and working from this new place of purpose. But along the way, I let my old habits like pushy hustle-mode and perfectionism take over to the point where I’d ask myself “how did I make this not fun anymore?”

After many heated moments, realisations, letting go of expectations, surrendering and just being grateful for the process, I’ve reached a point where the hustle no longer feels heavy/forceful. It’s become light/fun again.

Where speaking comes easy because I trust that the words I say from my heart are so much more impactful than a script I’ve written and practiced a hundred times from my head.

Where I’ve stopped should-ing all over Tay to “care as much as I do” because I realised my expectations are not fair.

Where I’ve finally detached from the “numbers” because I understand now that not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted actually counts (thanks Einstein).

Where we can enjoy the ride side by side because HOLY SHIT I’m actually living my dream life, making a real difference in this world with my best friend!!!


In just over one year we’ve:

  • Created a YouTube channel
  • Sparked a movement through our #wellnessoutwest workshops
  • Built an Insta community of over 7,000 tribe members
  • Had the privilege of speaking our truth at various businesses/events/schools
  • Travelled to the USA
  • 2 weeks away from launching our super profesh website
  • Planted seeds for more people than we’ll ever know
  • Been awarded Enzacta’s Top Achiever for AUS and NZ by sharing #PXP (Tay)



Posted by Stevie on 16th April, 2018