“Trigger City.” - Stevie And Tay

Wassup fam (umm who am I? Let’s just roll with it ok). Tonight I want to talk about triggers.

You know, those moments of white hot rage, the times when you “click it”, that instant reaction that consumes you, the feeling you just can’t control. Triggers.

I ended up in two separate conversations about this topic today with women I love, who shared their struggle with some triggers they’d experienced recently. As I channelled my usual, Oprah vibing, hype woman, soul sister jam while they vented, it got me thinking about why triggers show up in life and why they are a necessary evil.

Let me explain. Triggers are like symptoms to underlying problems we need to address, a self-growth signal that tells us “Hey girl, you need to pay attention to this! You’ve still got some work to do here, some more stretching, some extra uncomfortable leaning in, some deeper healing…”

You see, when we are triggered (aka pissed off by someone or something), it’s easy to just shut down, distance yourself, silent treatment your way back to some kind of self-rationalised sanity.

But just like the strength is in our struggle, the teachings are in our triggers.

What would happen if instead of turning on each other when we are triggered, we turn toward each other?

How can we become aware of our triggers in order to understand them, so that we can put buffer zones and practices in place to defuse instead of destruct, to respond instead of react, to empathise instead of explode?


Writing a list is a good place to start.

Here are some of mine that I’ve worked through/continue to work through…


Trigger city:

– victim of life mentality

– driving in the car with my mum as a passenger

– patronising ignorance

– when I feel shamed

– when hubby buys sausage sandwiches from Bunnings (true story 🤣)

– Injustices and prejudices

– belittling, dehumanising, divisive behaviour

– when my family are late


Dare to share yours?

Posted by Stevie on 19th Dec, 2017