“We cannot change people, we can only love them.” - Stevie And Tay

I’m the first to admit that while I love hard, at times I find myself wanting to pull heads out of the sand, I want certain people in my life to hurry up and be on the same page as me, to wake up already.

Be honest, do you?

Whenever I feel my ego’s urge to be a “pusher” or the “consciousness police” (like the genius Peta Kelly says) as often as I can I stop and remind myself to choose love instead. Love doesn’t push or force or place expectations on people or try to change/fix anyone, or make you the decider of who is #wokeAF and who isn’t, it doesn’t eye roll or want to pull heads out of the sand.

Love is kind, gentle, forgiving, expansive, unconditional.

Love is where growth takes place.

Love understands that everyone is on their own path at their own pace.

So I’m reminding myself again to surrender to this, to focus on my path, not anyone else’s, to stop judging if others are evolving fast enough or whether or not they are growing in the same direction as me.

Cos’ I know I definitely do it and you might do too.

So here’s a reminder today for us all that the answer is always to CHOOSE LOVE.

Posted by Stevie on 17th Feb, 2018