"Where there is risk, there must be choice." - Stevie And Tay

Today we stand together to once again FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS!

Even when we are laughed at, told we are disgusting, ridiculed and boo’ed, we send love and light right back and WE FIGHT.

We fight for informed choice.

We fight for every child’s right to an education.

We fight for informed consent.

We fight for medical freedom.

We fight for vaccine safety and efficacy testing.

We fight for scientific transparency.

We fight for big pharma accountability.

We fight for the masses who suffer in silence.

We fight for the masses who are forced into vaccinating by coercion, bullying, misinformation and because of their financial circumstances.


The corrupt government and pharmaceutical industry DO NOT have our children’s best interests or health at heart!

They do not know a child as well as their parent does, a parent who lives for their child’s every word, every move, every breathe.

They do not have to live with the consequences of the choices a parent makes for their child every second of the day. THE PARENT DOES.

Today, we FIGHT FOR PARENTAL RIGHTS. A “one size fits all” mandatory approach with an ever increasing vaccine schedule is disastrous!

Where there is RISK, there must be CHOICE.

Vaccine injury and death is REAL.


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Post by Stevie and Tay on 12th Sept, 2017