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“Health and healing are about more than the eradication of disease. Health is related to wholeness and holy-knowing who we are and how we are connected with the world around us.” – Larry Dossey


For too long, many of us have been living a life disconnected from our true identity and have become out of touch with the essence of who we really are. Have you ever found yourself feeling lost? Wondered why you are here? Struggled with what your purpose is? Never felt a true sense of belonging?


Could it be because we are constantly supressing or trying to change, fix, filter and mould ourselves into unrealistic ideals and types of people that we are not and were never meant to be?


Over generations, we have been subconsciously programmed by a scarcity culture, to believe we aren’t enough. We aren’t skinny enough, pretty enough, rich enough, smart enough...


We buy into this perception of who mainstream society tells us we should be, forgetting our core desires, our human potential, our ancestral power and our innate truth.


Stifled by stigmas, silenced by shame, we often feel marginalised by the stereotypes and labels that come with being a person of colour, causing an undercurrent of disconnection, disenfranchisement and division within our community.


Ultimately being fuelled by a resistance to truly own and accept every part of ourselves, our story and our identity. For years, we ourselves have experienced and witnessed this resistance and it is rife. Manifesting in self-destructive ways, such as domestic violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, obesity, addiction and suicide.


These repeated intergenerational cycles of “numbing” behaviour, self-limiting mentality and unhealthy habits, breed toxicity in all areas of our life causing detrimental affects to our health and wellbeing.


This resistance is ultimately suffering, and this suffering, needs to end. We know, we the people, can do this together. We can do this with the thoughts we think, the words we speak and the actions we take.


We can also do this by re-connecting with Mother Earth, to seek a better understanding of our spiritual essence and how our relationship with nature, plays a pivotal role in deepening our relationship with ourselves.


This ground-breaking workshop will hold space for a conversation that matters and inspire a call to action for us all to rise up together, re-align with Mother Earth and return home to ourselves. Return to our roots.


These are some of the key messages our powerhouse speakers Sera Naiqama, Lara Ekuwa Baidoo and Joel Thompson will convey and explore on the day:


– Owning your story to unlock your innate power and discover your soul’s purpose

– How to truly accept and embrace your multi-racial identity

– The oppression, stigmas and shame affecting people of colour

– Recognising intergenerational trauma and how we can heal together

– Ancient wisdom for the modern day millennial

– Ancestral lineage and it’s impact on your health and wellbeing

– Re-connecting with Mother Earth to reconnect with ourselves and each other

– Bridging the gap of Indigenous knowledge and awareness to foster compassion and inclusiveness


Lara Ekuwa Baidoo is a Speaker, Trauma-informed Facilitator, Storyteller and Founder of The Well Boho. She is of Ghanian and English heritage.  After a decade of undertaking deep therapeutic work, she has made it her mission to support women on the healing journey towards reclaiming and integrating their deepest knowing and embracing and expressing their unique identities. Lara facilitates healing & wellbeing workshops and shares inspiring lessons of lived experience through writing.


Joel Thompson developed the Mindset Project in 2012 after discovering his passion in helping others, beginning with his first workshops for the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre in Canberra. Having grown-up in a remote community in NSW around domestic violence, unstable housing, and drug and alcohol abuse, his resulting self-destructive behaviour threatened to destroy his professional rugby career and personal relationships. He found himself struggling with his mental health over the years, even at the height of his success.


After a breakdown in 2011, Joel finally sought professional help. Taking the opportunity to address his demons, and through a lot of personal development work, he managed to develop the mindset he needed to reshape his own path, and the resilience to deal with setbacks. As a result of his hard work, his passion to help, and his personal understanding of a tough upbringing, Joel has been invited to share his journey with many schools, sports clubs, cultural and business organisations over the last seven years.


Through these speaking experiences, Joel has developed his inspiring Mindset Project. Sharing his own story and workshopping a series of mindset practices and coping strategies, his program has been successfully tailored to suit various group needs. Suitable and engaging for both young people and adults, the Mindset Project has proven successful in helping many people change the perception they have of themselves, and what they are capable of achieving.


Sera Naiqama is a young Pacific woman stepping up to make a difference in her community and in her family. Between her career as an Executive Assistant and dreams of one day playing rugby for Australia, Sera launched her online blog in June 2017 called “Serasituations”. Throughout her blog, Sera openly shares her personal life experiences from her First Kiss to the painful feeling of comparison. What she aims to accomplish by doing so is inspire people to live their best life and be as authentic as possible.

As always, thanks to our conscious business sponsors, we have jam packed self-care goodie bags for every attendee and lucky door prices being given away on the day!

Doors will open at 9:00AM and the workshop will commence at 9:30AM SHARP.

We hope to see you there!

Be brave and be kind,

Stevie and Tay x